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Erectile dysfunction or performance anxiety? The truth behind a modern malaise
Hello everyone ,,
As a man whose marriage failed because of this issue, I feel a lot of sympathy. I loved my wife a whole lot, but she always got very frustrated if I could not perform. She had anxiety about it and felt like it meant I was not attracted to her, so if I ever lost my erection, she would not want to have sex, even if I wanted to. The more that happened, the more I would think about it during sex. It became an issue where I could get aroused easily enough, but as soon as we started to get close to actual sex, I would get anxious and think "Well, I'd better stay hard or she's going to be disappointed." And then, of course, I was completely out of the mood and lost my erection. Which made me feel terrible, made her feel terrible, and became a horrible cycle we could not escape from. Eventually, it became too much for her ...

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